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11th - 14th July 2023 

Celtic Conference
in Classics

Coimbra 2023


11th - 14th July 2023


Faculty of Arts and Humanities
University of Coimbra



Since 1998 the Celtic Conference in Classics (CCC) has rotated among universities in Britain, France and Ireland. In 2017 the CCC expanded into Québec, Canada, and in 2019 to Portugal. The CCC includes upwards of 20 panels on broad topics in Classics (Greco-Roman history, philosophy, literature, archaeology, reception) with roughly 15-20 presenters for each panel. The CCC allows each panel to explore fundamental questions in classical studies. Essentially, 20 large-scale conferences on major research topics in Classics occur simultaneously. Scholars are encouraged to move between panels in order to shape interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches. Academic cross-fertilization is imperative. Specialist panels are open to experts from other subject-areas and scholars from different national traditions are encouraged to build international academic networks among their home institutions in order to foster future collaboration. The CCC is a democratic, inclusive organization that invites scholars and students to discuss fundamental issues of Greco-Roman society and culture. The official languages of the CCC are English and French.
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