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Each panel must be proposed by at least two organizers. They are responsible for submitting the panel topic for evaluation by the Organizing Committee and, after approval, for elaborating and promoting the Call for Papers for their panel. The final program of each panel must be communicated to the Organizing Committee by 15 October 2020. We recommend 10 as minimum number and 15 as maximum number of speakers per panel.


Considering that each slot of the conference has a duration of 50mn, and that a minimum of 10mn of this time has to be kept for discussion of the presentations, two types of communications per slot (or one of 40mn or two of 20mn) are accepted.

Mandatory elements of panel proposals:

- name of the organizers, along with brief scholarly biography and presentation text of the panel's topic (by 15 January 2020); 

it is up to panel organizers to send or not, at this time, the list of all participants within the proposal’s submission.

E-mail address for submitting proposals:


Call for Papers of Accepted Proposals

- Between February 1 and September 30 the Call for Papers of the panels will be available on the Conference website.

Once the acceptance of the proposals has been communicated, the organizers have until October 30 to send final programme of their panel.

All members of each panel (organizers and speakers) are required to pay Registration Fees.

Please check values and payment options HERE.

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