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Conference Particulars

Conference Program 

Please check Locations and Venues on Conference Particulars tab to see more information about Zoom links for the Conference Online Panels and Faculty Rooms for Hybrid Panels.

1. Only in person Morning Registration - 10:00am - 12:00pm

Faculty's FIFTH FLOOR 



2. Welcoming Session - 12:00pm - 12:30pm   

Faculty's Theatre Paulo Quintela - THIRD FLOOR and 


Plenary Session 1 - June 22, 5:00pm

Faculty's Theatre Paulo Quintela and 

Paul Cartledge (University of Cambridge)

What Have the Greeks ever Done For Us? Hellenic Legacy in 21st century context

Plenary Session 2 - June 23, 5:00pm

Faculty's Theatre Paulo Quintela and 

Sophie Conte (University of Reims)

Dire et taire : stratégies auctoriales dans l'Institution oratoire de Quintilien

Plenary Session 3 - June 24, 5:00pm

Faculty's Theatre Paulo Quintela and 

Douglas Cairns (University of Edinburgh)

Homer, Aristotle, and the Nature of Compassion


Conference Abstracts

1. Conference Booklet

2. Conference Timetables


Some panels will be conducted online, others in person and online.


The Online part of the Conference will take place in platform Zoom.

The Welcoming Session and Plenary Sessions will be broadcast via YouTube. 

There will be only one Zoom session for the entire Conference, with 22 Breakout Rooms. Please memorize your panel number, enter the online session and choose the Breakout Room associated with your panel number. 

If you want to attend some other panel, you are free to leave your Breakout Room and choose to enter another Breakout Room. If you are experiencing any difficulties in entering Breakout Rooms, leave your current Room (blue button in bottom right corner), come to the main Session, and ask for help. 




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