Panel Convenors

Luis Calero (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) [luis.calero@uam.es]

Gaël Lévéder (University Rey Juan Carlos) [gael.leveder.bernard@urjc.es]

Fuensanta Garrido Domené (University of Córdoba) [fgdomene@uco.es]

Felipe Aguirre (Conservatory of the Balearic Islands) [editorialcerix@gmail.com]

We propose to create a panel on our main research specialities, Music and Dance in Antiquity. For the last years we have been teaching, researching and publishing, among other things, in Music, Dance and Scenic Arts in Antiquity and their preservation in later centuries. Classics have put their interest in this field quite recently in the Peninsula and we consider it a priority for the enrichment of the Classical Studies, as well as for the research on how the Ancient World has influenced the artistic expressions of the past six centuries.


Our proposal is based on the next topics:

  • Ancient Greek and Roman textual sources on music and/or dance.

  • Music and/or dance in Greek and Roman Literatures.

  • Harmonic treatises of Antiquity.

  • Iconography of music and/or dance in Greek and Roman Antiquity.

  • Greek and Roman music and/or dance in mythology.

  • Archaeology of musical instruments.

  • Reconstruction of ancient instruments.

  • Ancient organology.

  • Applied digital techniques to music and/or dance in Antiquity.

  • Music and dance based on ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

  • Transmission and preservation of ancient music and/or dance in different arts during later centuries.

  • Transmission of Greek and Roman Harmonic Theory in post-medieval treatises.


Hoping that you find our proposal interesting so as to approve this panel, we expect to hear from you in the near future.

  • Contact emails for the CfP: luis.calero@uam.es and fgdomene@uco.es

  • Languages accepted: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian. However, Portuguese and English are recommended for scientific international accessibility.

  • Duration of papers: papers will be of 20 minutes.

Abstracts should have:

- Title of communication

- E-mail

- University

- Abstracts (max 250 words)

- Keywords (5 to 10 words)