Panel Convenors

Isabel Araújo Branco (Nova University of Lisbon) [ibranco@fcsh.unl.pt]

Isabel Gomes de Almeida (Nova University of Lisbon) [isalmeida@fcsh.unl.pt]

Leonor Santa Bárbara (Nova University of Lisbon) [cmlsb@fcsh.unl.pt]

Numerous literary productions by Iberian and Latin-American contemporary authors manifest a profound dialogue with the cultural expressions of the ancient Mediterranean world, whether we talk about Greek and Roman traditions, whether we talk about the Pre-Classical ones. This is particularly evident in the use of ancient mythical topoi, by authors such as Alejo Carpentier, Julio Cortázar, Bernardo Santareno, or Hélia Correia, which manifests a sense of cultural identity between modern writers and ancient mythographers. But, simultaneously, the renewed and personal vision imprinted by the former displays a sense of alterity with those far and ancient contexts.


The proposal of this panel arose from the interdisciplinary work we have been developing at CHAM – Centre for the Humanities, particularly regarding the research groups “Culture, History and Ideas across the Iberian and Ibero-American World” and “Antiquity and Its Reception”.

So, it is our goal to gather researchers from different fields, such as Ancient History, Literary Studies, Receptions Studies, and Philosophy, amongst others in order to promote a discussion on the uses of ancient myths in contemporary Iberian and Latin-American literature.


Submission guidelines:

Languages accepted : English, Portuguese and Spanish

- Duration: max. 20 minutes

- Abstracts should be sent to: antiguidade.cham@gmail.com

Abstracts should have:

- Title of communication

- E-mail

- University

- Abstracts (max 250 words)

- Keywords (5 to 10 words)